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Comments by our users

The more I look at this gallery, the surer I am that some of it, at least, involves parts of SD’s shoreline, and sure by way of specific landmarks. However, a # of things look “off” in a way I can only attribute to photographic trickery. In fact, I’d wager a strong guess that she’s not physically at any of these sites but SUPERIMPOSING her image over, more than likely, color postcards. While that’s in one respect a “valid”, or at least legal, approach, it’s not a turn-on for me and I’ve deducted points. Also, while she has a nice, lush body, she’s not exactly the world’s greatest expert on makeup application.

Posted by Duane_D_Tremaine2023-01-26 17:52  &#9888

P.S. Just to clarify; the *urban* stretch of shoreline.

Posted by Duane_D_Tremaine2023-01-26 15:33  &#9888

Hey! I think I recognize the tiki-hut restaurant, plus the shoreline, from back in the SD! Embarcadero “promenade” if my visual cortex doesn’t deceive me. Am I right, or am I right, Oscorp?

Posted by Duane_D_Tremaine2023-01-26 15:32  &#9888

#11 definitely has the Mediterranean feel of the little Italy stretch but the architecture doesn’t seem familiar. Also SD is careful to keep the harbor front palms well trimmed and these are not. May be an area I have never seen from the harbor looking Southeast before though! Note no downtown skyline or hills either! I think this is her own stretch of latitude 33!

Posted by Oldsocalpunk2023-01-26 16:59  &#9888

I’m thinking of the Embarcadero strip south of downtown; it’s also called, let me think, SEAPORT VILLAGE. Had to nose about looking it up b4 it finally popped into my head. You know, the hyper-touristy area; keep on truckin’ PAST the Gaslamp Quarter and you fall right into it. Since you’re so Carslbad-centric, you may not be as familiar with it, but it sure-hell looks to me like the SOUTHERN skyscape of SD, and pretty damn sure I recognize that particular thatch-roofed restaurant as well.

Posted by Duane_D_Tremaine2023-01-26 17:33  &#9888

A big beautiful Croatian girl born in Germany! Magna Germania Uber Alles!

Posted by Oldsocalpunk2023-01-26 10:38  &#9888


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